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Subscription Kurviger Tourer not recognised on the website

There is not a problem of an other account. I’ve bought the android app and the subscription is active in the app. On the website, I’m not recognized and I got that message for example :
““All curvy route modes” is a feature of Kurviger Tourer” and the subscription is not active.
I am logged in on the website with the same account as on the app.


Website’s Tourer subscription mentions:

“The listed features are only valid for the website. We offer a separate subscription for the Android app.”

Please see also the FAQ:

OK. So I paid for the app and will pay €9.99 per year to use it, but where and how much do I have to pay to be a “Kurviger tourer” and enjoy the extra features of the website ?


You can click on “Kurviger Tourer” at the top of website,
which opens the subscription screen with all the details.

Sorry but I have already paid on 17/07/2021, see attached image.

I’ve paid that by clicking “Kurviger Tourer”

  • Android has the Pro subscription
  • Website has the Tourer subscription

Android and website subscriptions / payments are not connected or related:

Sorry, but I don’t understand. I have to pay €9.99 per year to use the Kurviger pro Android app and also €9.99 per year for the “Kurviger Tourer” features of the website, right?

ok i understand :
You as a user decide whether you want to use only free features or additionally features of the version with fees of the respective platform (website, app).
With Kuviger Tourer and / or app Kurviger (version 2.x) with subscription you also can support the development and ongoing operation of Kurviger website and / or app.
@boldtrn as the developer of the website and @devemux86 as the developer of the app would be happy if you would participate in rewarding their respective efforts by choosing a paid version.

i’ll pay €9,99 twice for both the app and the website. And devemux86 AND boldtrn will be my friends :'D


Thats it! And - as already written before anywhere here in the forum by someone else, this is a really fair offer: Instead of being forced to pay 20€ (ok - 19.98€) for both together, you are free to pay only 9.99€ per year if you want to use only the website or only the app :+1:


my english is too bad to understand quickly, I need DeepL ! It is easier and more comfortable to create routes on the website and on the other hand, it is necessary to have voice guidance on the phone. To really use Kurviger fully, you need both subscriptions I think, don’t you ?

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But 20 € per year for the service is not expensive, it’s ok the work done is impressive :slight_smile: