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Stronger line separating threads


as you can see there are 2 similar lines : The upper one separates the hint on the link from the thread, the lower one separates the thread (including the hint) from the next thread.
(OT remark: I like the feature giving a hint that this thread is linked in an other one. :+1: )
My proposal: To emphasize the second line by larger width and/or by color, so that it is easier to see (at the first view), that the hint belongs to the first thread.
Screenshot: Google Chrome on Tablet, Android 7:

Regards Markus


Hint: try the dark theme in forum settings.
Better for the eyes and page is more clear.


If possible, I try not to change the theme :slight_smile:. These themes are pretty complex and we use the default light and dark themes because of that. If we start changing the theme, things might break during an update.



thanks for the feedbacks, I already switched the theme in the forum:

  • also in dark theme both lines are very similar
  • from my point of view on my device dark theme does not improve readability, default theme is better - so I switched back to default theme
  • why does forum theme influence update (update of forum?)?

Regards Markus


The themes are updated with every update of the forum software (which BTW happen extremely often - every 1-2 weeks).

There is a way to change high-level things in the theme. But if we start to change low-level stuff it might get complicated and changes might be either overwritten or might break some functionality with an update. So I prefer not to change these things, unless it’s absolutely necessary.


thanks for the feedback. It was a misunderstanding on my side: I thought my switching to dark theme could cause problems.
Regards Markus

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