Street name in follow mode and automated map color scheme changes

Hi! I got two questions about android app:

  1. Is it possible to enable street’s name in follow mode?

pic from:

  1. Is it possible to enable automated map color scheme changes based on time settings?

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Navigation can provide voice guidance with turn instructions and street names.

Follow location (long press location button) only allows map to center on user.

Currently that is not available.

Thank you for such a quick response.

I am aware of that in the navigation mode (I have pro version installed) but sometimes I go for a quick trip without any known end-point and during that ride I would love to have that street name. Consider that as suggested feature :slight_smile:

Is it planned to be implemented?

I could see it, the list of suggestions is large and does not get any smaller. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean at sunset the map to change automatically to dark color option?

I am aware of that, and I would say that is not gonna change :slight_smile:

Yes, that is exactly what I mean. It can be a real pain in the a** to drive with light color map scheme during sunset or night.
Configurable time periods for day-map and night-map color schemes would be the best option if you ask me.
More advanced: current location’s sunset time from GPS/internet or maybe even intergration with phone’s light sensor? (it might useful when riding in tunnels).