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Stopped navigation / follow-me when loosing GPS

Hi all
in steep valleys with trees who cover the sky above the road, navigation or follow me automatically stopped. It looks like this happens when GPS Signal get lost due to this coverage. Surprisingly this doesn’t happened in tunnels. I tried both Gps settings.(Android and Google) but still the same issue. Any idea?
Used version: 2.1.8
Br Sabu

It is expected that without GPS signal, there can be no location detection and navigation / follow.

You can try the “Settings | Location | Kalman filter” option to see if it can help in such cases.

Kalman filter is already on. Any chance to increase the timeout? It’s unpleasant to stopp, remove gloves and start routing (or follow me) again.

GPS is monitored constantly, when it is updated all location processes
like navigation and follow are updated too and they continue their work.

Navigation and follow do not stop on their own, only users can stop them.

If you use the app in background or with closed screen,
you need to turn off the battery optimization:

Thanks for your proposal! But the app get not closed in this case? So only stopp navigation can also be an affect of this?Just checked the whitelist of system optimizer and kurviger is in there. I killed now the system optimizer. Lets see if I see a difference.