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Status bar shown when full screen and split window

I noticed the following when I put Kurviger in split window on my Samsung A12 Android 11.

Despite having the option for full screen enabled, the status bar is shown in a light gray color.

When split screen is not used everything is OK.

Hi. Perhaps the status bar cannot be only halfway across the screen. Since the second application may not support full screen, it somehow forces this bar across the entire width of the screen.


Looks like a limitation in general regarding split screen.

I tested with a small app that I created in AI2 that opens up in full screen and when I put side by side with Kurviger, both show a light gray status bar at the top.

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You’re right. I have just checked on a Samsung tablet and Xiaomi phone with two applications (Kurviger + Locus) - they run on their own on the full screen, but when they work together on a split screen, the status bar appears.