Start the planning with GPS coordinates

Sometimes I want to start the planning with GPS coordinates for a starting point. I’m constantly getting an error message.
I can use coordinates directly if they are not at the beginning.

As a cumbersome workaround I have to set a random starting point, put in the GPS coordinates second, delete the random starting point and define the GPS coordinates as new starting point.

It may well be that I’m missing something and it’s me who is causing the proplem though …

Do you mean in application or website?

Website - sorry for not being clear about ist.

Could you please provide an example how to reproduce this issue.

How I do this:

Screenshot from 2020-05-23 11-27-44

Enter coordinates and press “Search”, route appears.

Ok, thanks!
Yes, that works for me too.

My fault (if one can call it a fault) is that I only did put in the first coordinate and then hit the surch button, expecting kurviger showing me the starting point, from which I would go on.
When I do it that way, I get an error.

With your ‘hint’ I tried to just put in the same coordinate in the first and the second position and then hit the surch button. This works: On the map the start is covered by the end, which I can move by mouse where I need it.

Easy solution - sorry for bothering with such a beginner question.

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Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Yes, that only entering one coordinate isn’t working is a bit unfortunate, I can have a look if this might be improvable. Thanks for letting us know about this.