Start app in last mode: route creation or navigation

The app starts always in route creation mode. After creating a mode in the morning, I typically want to use the navigation mode for the rest of the day. Indeed, I have to re-activate the navigation mode each time I restart the app because of a break, crash etc.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. start navigation
  2. app crashes or is terminated
  3. restart app
  4. re-activate manually the navigations mode

Solution approach:
Remember the last mode (route creation or navigation) and restore it after an app restart.

Thanks for the interesting suggestion!

Navigation needs user’s location to work and GPS never responds instantly.

Also navigation works if several other things are relevant, like user is near a route.
If start app with navigation and be away from route then a rerouting will be triggered modifying the planned route.

Can always start navigation with a simple button tap.
If start the app via Android UI anyway, why is difficult to start navigation?


Can always start navigation with a simple button tap.
If start the app via Android UI anyway, why is difficult to start navigation?

On my HTC Desire X the app crashes several times while I’m driving (probably killed by the OS due to the very limited RAM of 768MB). Thus, I have to restart the app during driving by as less as possible inputs. The minimum is (1) Recent Apps and (2) Kurviger Pro. Re-activate navigation manually increases the time of driving divertedly by 50%. :flushed:

As long as there is no GPS fix, there will be no movement. Hence, no navigation will be active even in navigation mode.
A route is defined by its waypoints. These are not changed during rerouting. A rerouting only modifies the track from my current position to the defined waypoints, doesn’t it?

Do you use the navigation having the app in background or with screen on?

Currently navigation doesn’t start without GPS location, so it would be a different workflow.

The rerouting happens from user location to nearest route point.

Is that HTC Desire X from 2012 with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)?

Okay, I see. Change the workflow to enter the navigation mode without GPS in a “standby mode” waiting for GPS. :roll_eyes:

I use the navigation with screen on. Silent navigation via display only.

Yes, it is. Works like a charm despite the crashing of “big” apps from time to time which is probably a result of the limited RAM of 768MB. Kurviger runs much smoother than CoPilot or Navigon, for example, on it which highlights the efficient implementation of Kurviger. :+1:
It is an outdated device you don’t have to care about. Due to the hardware limitations I had to replace it by an unihertz Jelly Pro last year. Unfortunately, the bare GPS (separated from Google’s location service) of the Jelly is not usable due to huge inaccuracies.

That would be the idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

Problem could be its Android version in the future.
Though we still try to keep Android 4.1 supported!

I cannot promise anything, but here are a few things that could be worth trying. Only open a small offline map area at once, like a single sub region of a country. Disable nature areas in the map layer setting. Don’t load any overlays. Try not to zoom out too much, maybe keep min auto zoom to at least 15, maybe 16. You can try to disable 3d buildings and Kalman filter. Maybe this already helps to reduce app crashes?

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