Starnberger See is running out of water

I just downloaded new maps (Austria, Bayern and Baden-Württemberg). Now it seems that the Starnberger See lost it’s water :wink:. Other lakes (like Ammersee or Chiemsee) still are OK. Is this a known issue?



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(Perhaps due to climate change?? :thinking::grimacing:)


Lade mal nur die Offline Deutschlandkarte.
Evtl. liegt es an der Überlappung angrenzender Karten.

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Überlappung scheidet aus, weil es auch passiert, wenn ich nur die Offline-Karte von Bayern lade.

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We have fixed that some time ago. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lake rendering issue appears with any map engine, seems like some data problem with the lake polygon.

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There has been a recent edit to OSM that claimed to correct some issues in the data, so it might be fixed with the next map release.