Spoken directions stop working

Hello, I would like to start by saying that I really like the Kurviger app (pro) It creates great routes and chooses nice roads.
The only problem I have is that during most of my rides the spoke directions I receive through my bt headset stop working at some point. Last Sunday it happened after a short break and taking some pictures. I couldn’t get the spoken instruction working anymore. Tried with reconnecting the bt device with my phone again, even when I closed the app and created a new route it didn’t work anymore. The bt device wasn’t the problem because music and phone calls still worked.
I have this issue almost every single ride, even without taking a break the voice instructions stop working at some point.
Hope you can give me some advice, thanks

Which device and Android do you use?
Is the screen closed or the app in background while navigating?
Do you hear the instructions from the device speaker or only Bluetooth has a problem?

It may be because of OEM’s battery optimization that stops the app or the GPS.
There are instructions for each device for how to remove the app from battery optimization:

Thanks for your feedback
My phone is Huawei P Smart, android version 9 (?), my BT device is something I got from Ebay but works perfect, use it everyday on my commute to work for listening to music and/or receiving phone calls. Never had any issues with it. The app is always on my screen as I have my phone mounted on my handle bars and use it as a GPS. The voice instructions always works on the beginning of a ride but stops at some point. When I stop for a break or something, the Kurviger app keeps running in the background and my BT kit keeps connected with my phone.
The battery saving option you suggested might be something worth looking in to.

When you stop and put the app in the background,
do you pause (press) or stop (long press) navigation?
And do you resume or restart navigation again?

It is important the navigation first to work (see its panels)
and listen the voice guidance at least from device speaker.
(the Bluetooth can be examined later)

To be honest, I just hit the home button on my phone because I assume the app keeps running in the background?! But I’ve also lost voice instructions while I was still riding and the app was still running

Then navigation keeps running in background.
If rerouting is enabled, it could calculate a new route.

You can pause navigation (tap navigation button)
or stop navigation (long press navigation button).

We need more information to understand a report (route, location, navigation options).
You should check your screen, was your location on route to expect voice instructions?
And voice instructions must first be tested with device speakers, then with BT devices.

Can this be tested in navigation simulation mode?

Is this test possible in navigation simulation mode?

We cannot know what happened without more information.

When you do not hear voice instructions,
you should check the device if the navigation is running,
if your location is on route so there are voice instructions.

First you must check if app is excluded from battery optimization:

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Navigation simulation speaks too, so you could do similar tests.

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