Split, merge and delete multiple waypoints


Didn’t find anything in the documentation so I try to explain what I would appreciate in one of the next versions.

Currently I am planning mostly on the mobile. I am also importing routes from different sources to get some ideas and useful waypoints. Sometimes I would like to

1.) Delete multiple waypoints from the route with only a few ‘clicks’ to just use a part of a route (even more helpful with many added waypoints during import)

2 ) Cut/Copy multiple waypoints to add them in another personal route (for just using this particular part of the route )

Ps: During planning I recognized that kurviger routing exits some few times from main roads and come back to it just a few hundred metres later. Just to turn I guess - but this is not what I understand from curvy routes :wink:

PPS: I am very happy to have kurviger for planning and navigation as the android app is really Ressource efficient and fast and I can easily share with kurviger links to anybody (which is not in use of an dedicated application) via the web. Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the suggestions.

Regarding delete of multiple waypoints simultaneously in waypoints list,
I could see it in the future.

About cut / copy & paste waypoints, can you provide a detailed workflow,
so we can understand how it’s useful for everyone?

(for routing issues please create a separate topic in the related category)

For this purpose, it may be helpful to import only as overlay (without route calculation).
Than create your own route, following the overlay.

There is already a thread about this.
In such cases please always provide a short example with a “kurviger link” (share button)
Exiting and immediately entering a major road

Really appreciate it, thanks.

Of course. Imagine I would like to create a personal route containing waypoints from 2 different existing gpx/kurviger Links - but I am only in need of taking a few waypoints of each existing route. My workflow would be as following:

  1. Open route 1
  2. Cut unneeded waypoints
  3. Copy the rest of waypoints
  4. Import route 2 (route 1 will be eliminated)
  5. Cut unneeded waypoints of route 2
  6. Paste copied waypoints from route 1
    ==> Got a combination of route 1 and route 2 as a personal route :+1:

Using the overlay of both routes instead waypoints - as “linux-user” is suggesting is helpful but would need to place the waypoints again. Nevertheless, Might be a good workaround for my problem thank you.

There is another possibility to do this:

  1. Open route 1
  2. Cut unneeded waypoints
  3. export as route1.1 (*. gpx format)
  4. Import route 2 (route 1 will be eliminated)
  5. Cut unneeded waypoints of route 2
  6. Import route1.1 with the “extend route” option
    ==> Got a combination of route 1 and route 2, where route 2 is the first part and route1.1 is the second part of your new personal route :+1:

Yes thanks this Tipp is very helpful. Thank you.

With a possible option to cut Multiple waypoints there is no real need to implement the requested copy&paste functionality. Anyway I would like to mention my ideas in case it may help to enhance (my but maybe also others😋) user experience.

  1. Cut multiple waypoints:
  • I guess selecting multiple entries in the list might not be as easy as on PC
    –> adding 2 buttons in addition to the existing ones in android app : “cut from start” and “cut till end” appearing after pressing on a waypoint in the waypoint list
  1. Import route from Kurviger Link with the option to “extend Route” like gpx Import would help as there is no need to cach/export the route 1.1 as gpx file.

Thank you very much in advance