Speicherort für Karten (+ Touren)


vielen Dank für meine Aufnahme in das Forum und an die Entwickler für eine gelungene Anwendung!

Habe gestern gestartet mit Installation - “natürlich” in der Pro-Version - und einer Test-Tour und versuche noch herauszubekommen, an welchen Stellen ich Fehler mache und wo hat eventuell die App Fehler.

Speicherort: Es war mir nicht möglich auf die Karten auf der SD-Karte zuzugreifen. Ich konnte zu dem Speicherort navigieren, aber die Karten nicht laden.

Meine Lösung war, die App auf die SD-Karte zu schieben. Dann konnte ich auch auf die Karten auf der SD-Karte zugreifen.

Gibt es da Einschränkungen in Kurviger für den Speicherort?

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many thanks for my inclusion in the forum and to the developers for a great application!

I started yesterday with installation - “of course” in the Pro version - and a test-tour and I’m still trying to find out where I’m making errors and where the app might have errors.

Storage Location: I was not able to access the maps on the SD card. I was able to navigate to the location, but could not load the maps.

My solution was to move the app to the SD card. Then I could access the maps on the SD card.

Are there any restrictions in Kurviger for the storage location?

What Android and device do you use?

Have you granted the storage permission when asked by the app?
You can do that also in Android permission settings.

Or else can only use the application folders (and move the files in there):

  • Internal: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/gr.talent.kurviger.pro/files
  • SD card: /storage/xxxx-xxxx/Android/data/gr.talent.kurviger.pro/files

What do you mean, what happens?
Are the map files downloaded correctly?

Android sets the storage restrictions and every new Android version becomes more restrictive,
allowing applications to read / write only specific storage locations.

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Thanks for your reaction “Devemux” and sorry - I wrote down Android version under “About me”, thought it would be visible automatically.

Device: Samsung Tablet / Android version: 5.1.1.

I was able to select the locations as follows

But the maps were not displayed.

In the following screenshot the maps are shown now, after I moved the app to the SD card

Before (kurviger.app in device memory) the maps were not visible.

The maps were downloaded and I could not detect any error.

To avoid any misunderstanding: I can live with the program being on the SD card. I am just curious to find out where the error is.

When you click the “/storage/extSdCard” folder, what happens?

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No cards were visible at that time.

The maps are not in “/storage/extSdCard”.

What folders do you see?

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Thanks so far - I will play the program back to the device and try it again - I am now interested :slight_smile:

After that I will report again

Now it works, sorry for the “false alarm”.

I guess there was an error in moving the cards from the device memory to the SD card. This I have with Windows 7 and something didn’t work.

The cards themselves were OK. Thanks for the fast and intensive help.

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Another thing to watch out for is that when connect the device to the pc via usb,
then the device storage may not be available in apps, until disconnect the cable.

I have the same problem suddenly. When I installed kurviger the first time,
I created a folder on the external SD card


to store the offline maps, and that worked well since then

Yesterday, my phone dropped which resulted in the external SD card
being unavailable due to a contact problem. So kurviger didn’t find
the maps anymore and the only folder it allowed to use was


After I plugged back the external SD card correctly, it was again
recognized by the OS and thus, Kurviger.

So I tried to access the maps again, but for some reason, the
directory chooser inside Kurviger only allows to access the two
“files” folders:

[all the rest of the reply deleted]

Scratch that. I just found out what happend. The reason for the
problem was that Kurviger had lost the “Location” permission.
I just don’t understand how that occured, but that’s obviously
my own problem :roll_eyes:


If put the map and routing files there, it’s better to create sub folders under the proper location:

Apparently mean the storage permission.

That’s exaclty what I didn’t want…

Yes, sorry about that.


That’s the proper storage location (allowed by Android)
and then it shouldn’t even need the storage permission.

What could be the reason why the folder /storage/xxxx-xxxx/Android/data/gr.talent.kurviger.pro/files on the phone (Android 8) cannot be seen from the PC (Windows 10)?

From my PC, I can see /storage/xxxx-xxxx/Android/data/s on the external storage card, but the ‘gr.talent.kurviger.pro/files’ folder can only be seen when I browse folders on the phone, so it definitely exists.

Newer Android does not allow access to application folders other than the applications themselves.

So hoe does one get .map files in the proper folders?

Can use an Android file manager or grant the storage permission to the app and store them anywhere.

That worked: copy the files from the PC to an accessible map on the phone, then moving them to the right destination folder with an Android file manager (TotalCommander).