Speed display resizable?

Would it be possible to make speed display rezisable?

As already described elsewhere I use most of the time the much more accurate GPS speedo instead of the vehicle’s speedo.

But Kurviger’s GSS speedo is too tiny to always have it in view (and doesn’t stand out enough from the other 2-4 displays, so eyes always need a few msec to focus on the right display).

That’s why I have to start additionally Ulysse Tachometer to use its overlay display:

A resizable speedo would help to avoid that additional measure.

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Everyone has different preferences in UI, some distance or time, another altitude. So would need to have some implementation covering most cases. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm - a bit disappointing in my personal case - but of course can live with it …

Eventually we’ll find some solution, stay tuned! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hehe - was just considering to start a comprehensive political campaign to gather a lot of users’ votes for my idea …

… or win the “RRC” and get a free wish … :rofl:

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I like the idea - I actually use an app called Speed Overlay for precisely this reason. I overlay the Kurviger speedo with it.


I had another look for more alternatives - thx for the hint, @chrisjk.

There is another one: Easy to handle and well to configurate:

Maps Speedometer

So, make the speed display resizable in Kurviger is not very necessary.

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I love you live in Canada (speed in km/h), but when I ride in USA, speed is in M/h

Can we made that icone bigger, so i can see it clearly?

Moved post into existing feature topic.

Can change to Imperial units in “Settings | Application | Units” and speed will be in mph.

This is not what i said. I already know that (i set The application in Imperial before going to US) !

I mean the SIZE of the information. It’s very little. When you are riding a custom bike, and the phone are shaking on the handle bar… it’s hard to see the number here. Is we could increase the size 2,3 or 4 time, will help a lot !

As mentioned above, cannot do that arbitrary for just one component, as every user has different preferences and needs.
A proper redesign could be needed in order to not mess the UI, also with all those device screen sizes that limit the options.

For now can increase the font sizes in Android settings and see if can help.

Also why want to read vehicle’s speed from a mobile device, using its GPS reports via the satellites, when vehicle’s dashboard informs already more clearly and accurately.

Simple : the odometer only show KM/h, no Miles /hrs here.
Si GPS become my conversion tools.

As said, it’s an improvement or features request I propose. Suzuki, yamaha and other Japanese motorcycle have odometer with KM and Miles. Harley Davidson sold in Canada only show KM. If more user ask for that request, it may be considered. If I’m the only one, it won’t.

When I’m not following a plan Trip, I use Waze to inform me about all road defect, Radar,… And I inform me about Speed Limit.

I have a built in GPS, but if you are proba aware, Harley GPS suck big time.

You can try an app called “TempoMaster”. It can be customized for your personal needs (including size) and be used as overlay, so that speed info is shown over other apps like Kurviger, Google Maps or Waze.

Hello everyone. I use the RADARDROID.
At the same time that I see the speed, it marks the speed cameras.

Somewhat late, but still many thanks for the tip:
Also not a bad app for the purpose - just tried it! ! :+1:t4: