Speed alert


On the old app the speed alert with configurable tolerance was one of the main reason why I chose Kurviger (mainly to reduce the risk to loose 2 points at once…).
Is it scheduled to add it on the new app ? It would be nice to get it also in free ride…

(App 3.0.7)

I use Tempo Master as an overlay app since more than 2 years. Mainly because it works in a free ride too. Here an old picture:




Android 13 :roll_eyes:, or I’m wrong?

It looks nice, btw… I cant find it on the play store (on my phone or on web). A google search give me the page on the play store (!) for TempoMaster: GPS Speedometer, but then I can’t install it. :frowning:

Don’t know if it doesn’t work with A13 - I’m not an early adopter, still using A10.

Hier Auszüge aus einer Stellungnahme des TempoMaster-Entwicklers:

Leider kann kein Termin für A13 genannt werden. Fazit: Google macht es “kleinen Entwicklern” unnötig schwer, und verhindert die ein oder andere gute Lösung.

Here are excerpts from a statement by the TempoMaster developer:

Unfortunately, no date can be given for A13. Conclusion: Google makes it unnecessarily difficult for “small developers”, and prevents one or the other good solution.


With that said, showing the speed limit and having an alert is on our todo list and will be added to the Kurviger 3 app in the future.

It is sad that Google does require constant changes to app developers, some of these changes are quite dramatic. So a lot of time has to be spent on stuff that does not add actual functionality.


Today I got an update of TempoMaster for A13 - can’t test it, I’m still on A10.
To install it right now you have to be a beta user.