Sound output in the car

Today I used the kurviger App to navigate my. My problem is, that it is not possible to set up any sound options. If the mobile is connected via Bluetooth to the car, the App try to use bluetooth for the sound. But I can’t hear anything in the car while listening radio. After I switched off the Bluetooth at the mobile the app used the speaker of the mobile.
It would be great to have somewhere the possibility to configurate that options.

(Debug information, this helps us helping you, you can remove this if you don’t want to share this data, it should not contain any personal or sensitive information)
Device: HUAWEI - BLA-L29 - Android: 10 - WebView: 112.0.5615.135
App-Version: 3.0.8 - 1009
Screen: 360 x 720 px - 3dppx

This is a problem with cars. My car can only play radio or (!!) external audio.
So it is not a kurviger app bug.
What happens if you switch your car audio to Bluetooth? Can you hear the kurviger sounds?

Basically, it would be good if you could set the sound output whether A2DP or HSP/HFP should be used.

Yes, if I switch to that source I can hear it. But than I can’t listen to the radio. Anyway.

So there is no mixer in your. car which can mix Audiochannel to one Audiostream for the amplifier.

That’s not an app task. It belongs to the android system you are using.
Nevertheless the best Audioprofile will always be negotiated between then Bluetooth audio source and the Bluetooth encoder in the car. There ist no sense to manually overrule this negotiation process.

In fact, it makes absolute sense and is also necessary, because please remember that Kurviger is primarily used on the motorcycle with a headset and there the protocol is very important.

We do have the sound channel option on our todo list. Another use case for this is if you want to have different volume levels for music and navigation instructions. I would prefer not to create such option, but it seems there are too many different cases where there are issues with a fixed output channel.

[quote=“boldtrn, post:8, topic:11408”] I would prefer not to create such an option, but there seem to be too many different cases where there are problems with a fixed output channel [/quote].

That’s true, and especially with headsets the protocol is the deciding factor between pleasure and frustration. To understand it, I wrote some stuff on the Sena topic.