Something fun I found

Just found this while drafting some routes:

Just thought it’s funny / interesting. This is the longest and most “complex” section I have ever seen where (currently) all the curviness options agree :smiley: Especially the “very curvy” is very surprising to me, I thought it would make some crazy jerky motions. Try it out, click on the different modes. Especially after Robin’s last update the “very curvy” usually goes super crazy, but here…

Completely useless fact, I know, but stuff like this makes me smile


Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:. Just a note: if you disable “avoid toll roads” the options differ :wink: but I am glad you like the improved extra curvy option (just a note, this was released early this year, there haven’t been recent changes).

HA! well spotted, I forgot I had that option on

That’s “recent” to me^^

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