Snap waypoints to the road

I a missing a function like snap waypoints to the road while planning. Can this be activated a option already or would it be a new function?

Isn’t that already available via its relevant button / action?

ok I see, it was not activated… have activated it now… but it doesn’t work as expected

When I left click on the route, then it inserts it as new destination instead of new waypoint.

The snap button is above and acts when it’s pressed.
The website has access to graph, so it’s easier to do.

The app can do that offline after the route calculation.

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Thanks, which is it? I don’t find it.

Too slow … :wink:

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ah thanks, now I see it in route planning mode… I was in “my routes” mode and desperately tried to find it.

Ooops - there was an answer from @devemux86 a few minutes earlier than mine, I did not see it during creating screenshots. Therefore my remark “too slow”.
But now the answer from @devemux86 seems to be gone …

Your picture was better. :slightly_smiling_face:


Richtig, solange man in “Deine Routen” ist sieht man den Button nicht. :thinking: Sollte @boldtrn vielleicht ändern. :grinning:

Right, as long as you are in “Your routes” you won’t see the button. :thinking: Should probably change @boldtrn. :grinning:

As long as you are in “Your routes”, you also can’t see the point list and a few other things :wink:

The essentials, like changing the curvature and exporting a route are still visible, but detailed planning often requires to go back to “Routeplanning”. Doesn’t this make sense?

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