Skipping a waypoint during the ride

Hello community,

I use the Tour+ version and there is one thing that I would like to understand 100%. For example, I am on my itinerary and I have set a waypoint on a road which is unfortunately blocked and this is not possible physically to reach the waypoint. (Recalculating route is set on.)

  1. Does the application recalculating my route to absolutely pass through this waypoint which is temporarily inaccessible? It means I should stop to delete the waypoint from my route and drive towards the next waypoint?

  2. Will the application stop directing me towards this waypoint after a certain distance and take me to the next waypoint?

Thank you in advance for your help in enlightening me on this subject.

Hello, no, you don’t have to skip just this or these waypoint(s).

Click on the three dots during navigation and then click on Skip.

Thank for your response!