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No worries, if it supports developping an improved App functionality I really enjoy to do such testing :upside_down_face:

Btw. today the Beta 2.2.18 lost several times the route although I was on the correct way. I tried to skip waypoints via the navigation arrow - no success. I opened the waypoint list and deleted the superflous waypoints - no success. The route still showed the waypoints although I had already passed them. Only deleting the complete route and reload it to the App worked. A bit annoying is if it looses the route it is automatically shut down after a while - could this be taken out?

If you want to exit / enter the route with shortcuts omitting waypoints,
you need to disable the “Settings | Navigation | Strict route following”.

More details exist in the documentation:

The route (and waypoints) remains unchanged during navigation,
unless a recalculation is made.

As each device sensor and satellite reception is different,
you can adjust the options in “Settings | Navigation | Recalculate route” category,
so the navigation considers your location close to the route path.

Or select another “Settings | Location | Location service”.
And the “Settings | Location | Kalman filter” can help too.


@devemux86 ,

you are the man :muscle: :smiley: - with your proposed setup today’s tour (400 km) worked perfect. Even provocated deviations were handled souvereign and in the expected way. No loose of route at all and fast recalculation of route - no more expectations from my side for a motorbike navigation device.

I have disabled “Settings | Navigation | Strict route following”
I activated “Settings | Location | Kalman filter”
But I kept “Settings | Location | Location service - Android"

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Thanks again for your detailed reports, tests and feedback that help to improve the app! :slightly_smiling_face:

You have the choice: :slight_smile:

  • strict navigation - ensures that no waypoint is accidentally skiped when recalculating the route.
  • flexible navigation (no strict navigation) - allows you to leave waypoints behind, even if you did not hit them.

If you want to read about the history and why “strict navigation” was invented.

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