"skip waypoints" to the top and/or enlarge the window in landscape mode

With a high level zoom of the font size (160% in this case) there is a problem that the function “skip waypoints” function disappears in the second row. Then it is difficult and deflects too much to scroll to this function with gloves. Could you please swap this button with the button “avoid road block” so that "skip waypoints get’s to the top because “skip waypoints” is used much more often then the other. Additionally in landscape mode the complete window could be enlarged so that both buttons are displayed side by side without needing to scroll down.

These windows are system controls, Android should handle them with grace.
It does not do it…

Therefore, it would need to implement a new completely custom window.

However, 160% font size is large and expected to break the user interface.

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Due to my age I need this big font size to drive without glasses and still be able to read passably the gps, time and battery information. My far-sightness is still like an eagle eye, but my close vision without glasses like this :see_no_evil:. As a workaround it would help to just change the button sequence, “skip waypoints” to the top.

It will be available in the next app update.

I will see how we can improve more such screens.

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… maybe you could also wear contact lenses… :innocent: :wink:

useless comment.

I don’t think much of contact lenses. They have too many disadvantages. I neither like to push any foreign bodies into my eye, nor do I want to promote the already usual dryness of the eye, especially in old age.
In addition, standard lenses do not compensate for presbyopia.

Why so harsh? Wasn’t useless. Contact lenses was only an advice from Viola to use something to improve ability to see :wink:.

Due to my age even with eagle eyes to the far since several years I use varifocals (Gleitsichtbrille). You can believe me, that’s much better than use max zoom in any apps.


Leaving an unfriendly comment on a well-intentioned advice is not an option,but I’ll just skip it because I prefer the good tone here.

I prefer to wear contact lenses und I use varifocal contact lenses. This is good option to avoid glasses and to be able to see everything.

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My comment was neither unkind nor harsh. The comment about wearing contact lenses was simply inappropriate in relation to the question. If you can not stand that someone then finds the comment useless, you should rather not post comments.

Swapping the buttons works brilliantly, thank you very much.