Skip next waypoint does not work

something is wrong with this version. Skip next waypoint doesn’t work any more under certain conditions. I don’t know when. I made a little tour with 1 waypoint and 1 destination. When I reached 1st wp, it didn’t recognize that I had reached it and skip next waypoint didn’t work any more at all, even after app restart. Also start navigation from new didn’t work. I was asked if I want to via start or next waypoint which is ok, but when I choosed next waypoint it also didn’t delete the previous waypoints, but always started navigation via the start point. This can be simulated by loading a new route and use start “from next waypoint”. This feature doesn’t work any more.

It’s the same version that has been in beta testing for the past months.

You always seem to have problems with the app, this is very strange.
At least this time you didn’t come in angry to ask Google Maps magic.

There is no such feature. It is start or nearest waypoint.
Study the manual:

However, from now on I cannot waste time on reports
that don’t contain enough data to reproduce them.

  • Route example
  • User location
  • App settings
  • Detailed actions
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For the record and other users reading the topic.

We cannot reproduce the report.

Testing with a random route,
both “Skip next waypoint” and “Rerouting” → “Start” or “Nearest waypoint”
seem to work properly as always.

Not always, sometimes. Maybe it’s my device Galaxy S9+ with Android 10. Don’t know why it sometimes does crazy stuff. It rans Bitdefender Security, maybe this blocks some actions? At the moment it seems to work. Will see tomorrow on my daytrip. OK I wait if I can reproduce it before I post something.