Show water source in app and on website?

@Viola kindly suggested that I could also post this here, so here it goes:

Would it be possible to add water wells and drinking water sources to the list of shown POIs in the app and on the website?

The reason I’m asking this is: Since I started riding tours that take anywhere up to 13 hours, I found staying hydrated is quite important, especially in hot weather. So I started carrying two water bottles with me. Whenever I ran out of water I’d look for a gas station that also has a shop. When riding in Germany in the countryside on the weekends or during holidays, the chance of finding just one such gas station that also has a shop that is also open is near impossible. I had to go to the next larger town, greater heat, lots of traffic, wasted time, all in all not a pleasant thing to do.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that there are quite a lot of publicly accessible, free and clean sources for fresh water pretty much all over the place - if you know where to find them. For example in OsmAnd+, in the main menu, go to “Configure map” > “POI overlay” > place check marks on “Drinking water” and “Water well”.
Or use this link (loads a bit slowly): Trinkwasser auffüllen - uMap
A whole new world of possibilities to stay hydrated while riding. Just pick a water source that’s located at a convenient location, fill up your reserves, and off you go.

What do you folks think? Would this be a worthy addition to the Kurviger app and web planner?

I would not use that option, because it would overload the map. Furthermore I assume that this is a very rare use case.

Nevertheless: The website you linked above offers to download the found drinking water places as GPX, you can import that GPX in Kurviger as overlay and use the drinking water places for planning.

Remark: According to
it would be better to focus on nodes which additionally have the tag “drinking_water=yes” - I propose to use an overpass search like

and import them as overlay in Kurviger as already described in other threads:


As a moto-camper I love this idea. But the community here has decided multiple times already to not overload Kurviger with features that other travel/outdoor/mapping apps do better or in a more specialized way. If you can use an overpass search or any other kind of link / bookmark / script you should probably do that :slight_smile: note that most mobile browsers have quite good offline modes these days so if you can download this map once it should stay on your device

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With all the above said, we are still looking into options how we can improve the POI experience, we have a few things planned for the long run, but nothing short term.

One option we often used on bicycle tours is to stop by a graveyard, they typically have a free tap :slight_smile:.

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Thank you very much everyone for suggesting overpass. Importing the generated .gpx file works in both Kurviger 2.0 and 3.0 apps. One question though: Is there any way to control at what zoom level the locations are shown?

Visiting grave yards is something I also thought of, but I disregarded the idea. To me it somehow feels inappropriate for a motorcyclist in full gear to enter a place of mourning to get some water.

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Currently no, sorry :frowning: