"Show on OpenStreetMap.org" without activation of "Map data" overlay, "Zeige auf OpenStreetMap.org" ohne Aktivierung der Ebene "Kartendaten"

When displaying a point of the map on OpenStreetMap.org on the web page, the overlay “map data” is immediately shown as well, because “layers=D” is set in the querystring. I always turn the overlay off immediately, because it bothers me more than it helps.

Therefore I suggest to omit the parameter “layers=D”, so that in the default case the layer is first hidden (I think it used to be like that) ?

What do you think ?

Wenn man auf der Webseite einen Punkt der Karte auf OpenStreetMap.org anzeigt, wird sofort die Ebene “Kartendaten” mit eingeblendet, da im Querystring “layers=D” gesetzt ist. Ich schalte das Overlay immer sofort wieder aus, da es mich mehr stört als daß es hilft.

Daher schlage ich vor, den Parameter “layers=D” wegzulassen, so daß im Standardfall die Ebene erst mal ausgeblendet ist (ich glaube, das war früher auch mal so) ?

Was meint Ihr?


bei mir (firefox) passiert das nicht.
Lösch mal die Cookies von Openstreetmap…
Teste auch mal einen anderen Browser.


habe gerade noch mal probiert: Passiert auch nach löschen der Cookies / LocalStorage, auch in FireFox.

Die Ebene wird aber nur angezeigt, wenn Du weit genug rein zoomst: Ab Zoom Level 12:

Indeed, it is a very heavy overlay, making the map unusable in small zoom levels.

Bestätige den Effekt
und ja… stört mich auch!

Interesting that the layer bothers you, I explicitly enabled it to make it easier to look at the map data straight away.

It can be disabled by default as well :slight_smile: - will put it on the todo list if it bothers most users?

An example:

First browser hangs (chrome), then alert:
Press “Load datea” nevertheless → several warnings:
Then map not readable:

Without data layer ok:

No data lyer → no problem :grinning:
(my internet connection is not so fast - 10Mbit/s promised, 9.6 Mbit/s “measured”).

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I’d vote for no layer. :wave:

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It seems that the problem of hanging browser occurs especially in cities, where - of course - the density of the map data is higher (in most cases I use the “Show on OSM” function outside cities - so that effect was new for me).
If zooming in, the map becomes “readable” also with map data overlay - so perhaps the zoom level could be used for the descision “show map data overlay or not”.
Trying zoom=17 in a city, I get frequent “hangings”, but the map is readable:

With zoom=18 I have to wait now and then a few seconds before the browser has updated.
So to be sure I would propose to show map data layer for zoom >= 19 and to hide it otherwise.

This will avoid to quench not so OSM experienced users (I have to admit I am one of them :wink: - first I did not know ho to get rid of that blue lines and circles ) - and I think switching on the layer manually is much less annoying than waiting for a hanging browser.
But - of course - I do not want to hinder the OSM pros, because the excellent map data is the result of their work!