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Should links in the forum be opened in separate tab / window?



from my point of view links inserted in threads should be automatically opened in a separate tab / window when clicked.

Reason: It is much easier to close the tab afterwards then to navigate back to the point where the link was inserted.

PS: I am not sure, if this is the right category - please move, if not…


Nice remark, I activated the available option in forum settings, so that external links open in a new tab by default.


At least enabled in settings, don’t see it much working…


Thanks! Perhaps it works only for new links - a test:


Edit: No - the link above does neither open a new tab nor a new window (Chrome, Android 7) …:frowning:


That’s really weird. The generated HTML code actually looks correct - it should open in a new tab now :thinking:. Maybe it takes some time to actually work…


I agree - viewing source I also see target="_blank" attribute - but it doesn’t work…

A quick search in Google gives results in stackoverflow - there a clicked-event seems to be the reason:

But I am to lazy to check the scripts on Kurviger forum :wink:


Ok, I found the issue. You can choose in your own user account here in the forum, how you would like to open links. The setting in the admin dashboard that Emux changed is probably only used for new signups, existing users keep their preference - that’s my guess at least.

You can go to your Profile, Preferences, Interface and change the setting for your account. This worked for me :slight_smile:.


Thanks! Works for me, too :+1:.