Short beep instead of spoken instructions

It would be nice to just get a short beep instead of spoken instructions. Just a beep will do for me so I know when to check the screen. The frequency can be the same as when you give the spoken instructions. That’s a nice compromise between fully spoken instructions or no instructions (so the intercom and/or music is not interrupted so much ;-)).

Thanks for the proposal. Let’s see how many others would need such a feature as well.

Who would need such a feature as well?

When you don’t look on the screen this beep can easily covered by the music that is being played. It is not hard to glance several times per minute at the screen without loosing the concentration of the riding. I prefer the spoken instructions because they give better indication what is coming up.
By the way you have done an excellent job you using the app in landscape on the phone !


I’ve seen it on another navigation and was no issue with the music at all. I check the screen more then just with the beeps or spoken instructions ;-). I have now disable spoken instructions and a beep would help as a short reminder if a turn is coming up. All the spoken instructions are too much for me on the headset. A short glimp on the screen is enough to know what to do. All the spoken instructions do not help in difficult situations most of the time.

I agree with Gerard, a short beep :musical_note: would be nice :. Something between fully silent and some lady talking all the time interrupting my podcast or music. Nothing is more annoying than driving through some small Italian village on a curvy road and getting numerous instructions to turn left and right, although you’re just following the main road.

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From my view a beep or whatever sound is not needed. When I am driving my motobike I enjoy the ride and do not need any music or podcast.
I prefer to have clear instructions especially during a ride in cities.
During rainy weather I put my mobile phone in my jacket and then I am dependent on clear spoken instructions.


If you don’t need it, don’t use it. I don’t see the issue.


Ist would be nice to have this option. If some of us don’t need it, fine too. That’s why it’s called an option :wink:

A voting button in the forum would be nice. I don’t need such a function. But an option: Many voice instructions, less, only a sound, none voice instructions would not harm. But for me it is far down on the priority list

In my first thinking i thought:" No will not need it."

But if i can choose it instead of a voice then it will be good.
But what is a short beep for really everebody can hear it?
I think it will be a good idea to make it possible to choose “my own tone”. The User can select his own Soundfile and tha App plays it every time instead of the normal Text will be said.
So it’s possible to record the Word “Navi” and then i know to make a look.
A Beep with parallel hearing Music can be a Problem.

I do not hear Music, but i hate much speeking for Navigation.
It can be a good solution. I would give this a chance.

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Then give it a vote too - please.

And where to do.
But i do not want a Beep! To many Beeps everywhere (Car, Coffe-machine, …)

Short beep… ? Wofür überhaupt? Ich kann gut und gerne auf nervige Beeps verzichten

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here: (at the head of this thread)

This thread is named: Short beep instead of spoken instructions
So where is the problem if you can choose …

Man kann ja eine Stimme auswählen in so einer App. Da kann ja dann auch den Punkt Beep anwählbar sein (für alle Meldungen wird dann der verwendet) oder eben, weil ich auch keine Beep mag, eine Sound datei die für alles verwendet wird.
Somit wäre es doch für dich egal. ICh brauch auch keine Routenplanung in der App, weil ich das am PC mache. Aber wenn das andere so machen und die App das kann ists doch gut.
Denn ich will auch nicht immer hören “in 2000m müssen sie links in die Adalbert von Stifter Straße” abbiegen und dann in 300m wieder. Ich weiß Straßennamen müssen nicht sein, aber ich schau mir die Situation sowieso auf der Karte an, um z.B. zu sehen, ob die kleine Straße kurz vor der Großen gemeint ist.
Da die Aktion oben links jetzt zu sehen ist, ist die Situation blitzschnell erfasst, so dass ein kurzer akustischer Hinweis ausreicht. Ich will nur keinen Beep oder noch irgendwas an Ton, dass schnell überhört wird. Sprich das andere extrem zum Gelaber. Deswegen Soundfile ermöglichen, dann kann jeder wie er will.

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My very first idea was “great”. But thinking about changed my mind (for my very personal use) since I only drive through voice instructions. But using screen instructions I would imagine it as really helpfull.

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I second the beep.

Der beste Wege ist sicher eine persönliche Wahlmöglichkeit (Ansage mit Straßennahmen// reduziert ohne Namen// Beep (möglichst wählbar)// lautlos. Somit wären fast alle Wünsche abgedeckt. Muss sich nur noch so programmieren lassen!


Je préfère l’annonce vocale mais sur une autre application on a le choix entre un bip a choisir dans une liste (bip,dong, drinn, klaxon,etc) ou l’annonce vocale normale. Donc OPTION BIP OK MAIS GARDER L’ANNONCE NORMALE SVP.

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