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Shared login between website and forum

I think we’ve talked multiple times already about a shared login between the website and the app, so that the routes are exchanged etc, and it’s a lot of work and not Prio 1, all good

But what about a shared login between the website kurviger.de and this site, forum.kurviger.de? Shouldn’t this be comparatively simple to implement? Would be cool if I’m already logged here, to then open kurviger and just be logged in there automatically as well

You probably mean synchronized login via email?
Because a login via Google already exists in both.

Yeah but it’s not shared. I have to log in to both pages separately.

Counter-Example: when I log in to GMail, then open a tab with GoogleCalendar, I’m already logged in there with the same account as well

@boldtrn sorry to ping you, no pressure to implement, but maybe you can give a quick judgment call: possible or not possible?