Share Kurviger data with Garmin Drive

I use Kurviger Pro to create round trips on my phone, and I’m very impressed by the results. Kurviger has much better features than the Garmin round trip function. But I would like to export my Kurviger route from the phone to the new Garmin XT using the Garmin Drive app. If I try to share the route from Kurviger with Garmin Drive, I can see Drive as a recipient but a message appears “we weren’t able to use this address”. I’ve read that MyRoute app is able to send data to Garmin Drive and from there it can be sent to the Garmin XT by Bluetooth so it looks as though this approach is technically possible. Is it something that can be added to Pro as well? I think it might become a popular feature.

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Can export the route in one of the available formats and then import it in 3rd party devices / apps.

Unfortunately there’s no import function in Garmin Drive that I can find. There’s a thread running on UKGSer about sending a route from MyRoute on an iPad to the XT using Drive, and this is what gave me the thought of using Drive for Kurviger data.

Kurviger’s share function just shares the route url.

We cannot know how other devices or apps work.
That’s why better is export via common GPX files.

Perhaps some other Garmin users know more?

Yes this is an interesting combination and I think we will see quite some Garmin XT devices in the future. Having an option to synchronize Kurviger with Garmin Drive could be interesting. I am hot sure how this works with MyRoute, but this could be something we could be interesting to add if there is a reasonable interface to communicate to.

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I’ve just made a search of Garmin Drive Help topics and there is no mention of an import function, so I don’t think it exists. When I export from Kurviger it is sent to a location in the phone memory with no option to export to another app (as I’m sure you know!).