ShapingPoint instead ViaPoints when extending the Route

Hello Robin,
I usually click the route together when planning my route. It would be helpful if the resulting points were ShapingPoints instead of ViaPoints.
grafik grafik

Thats my suggestion:

Alternatively, on the website, perhaps a button: Change all ViaPoints to ShapingPoints.

Previously, all ViaPoints could be exported as Garmin ShapingPoints. This is no longer possible today for understandable reasons.


Waypoints is a common term. The common term “waypoint” is specified to “start”, “via point”, “shaping point”, “end” (destination).
See Begriffe, Erklärungen in und zu Kurviger [Kurviger Knowledgebase]
Using correct terms makes communication easier.

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Your are right . My fault. :pleading_face:
Wording already changed.

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When you click on a route, the shaping points are already entered.

What you probably mean in the image is the extend route function?

Yes, you’re right. Always when you click a new point , you get a new end point. But the point bevor changed to ShapingPoint instead via point.
(Hopefully right point wording)

I thought about that a few times. The issue is, a destination can never be a shaping point.

When extending the route, the previous destination now becomes a waypoint.

So maybe it should become the new default that when extending the route the destination is moved to being a shaping point?

That’s exactly how it would be great.
Background: when exporting to a 3rd party device (Garmin) it is necessary to convert all the set waypoints into Shapinpoints. I will spare myself the explanation at this point.

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What do others think about this? Do you prefer the current behaviour or should we switch to automatically using Shaping-Points when extending the route?

Das ist auch meine Meinuung.Ich bin auch für eine Änderung des bisherigen Verhaltens.

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I hardly use the route planning in this way, but if I did, I would prefer the creation of shaping points instead of waypoints.

As you described yourself in

this is still possible: Just uncheck “Export Shaping-Points”

This feature has been added to the website :+1:

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I totally agree with this. When extending the route, the former ‘End’ to be a shaping point instead of a Waypoint ( :laughing: yes, Garmin owner…)