Shaping Points Disappear After a While - Route Changes

I planned a route on my phone.

Starting point and then End point.
Then I choose shaping points to my taste to alter the route. Saved the route.
I put my phone in my pocket. Drank my coffee.
Lastly, I am on my bike; but the route has completely changed as if there weren’t any shaping points. They all were gone.

Happened several times.

Sorry have no link was on tour had no chance to share these information with you Guys.

Best Regards.

Could be related to this:
App: Waypoint types

But without further information this is pure guessing.

  • what App version?
  • was automatic route recalculation on?
  • what rerouting settings?

Than, you should be able to share it. :wink:
How did you save the route?



A route can change only if user explicitly does it or if navigation performs a rerouting.

We need more details to understand the report, like a route example and user location when happened.