Shaping point converts back to hard stops when reloading gpx file

This software has been very helpful in making routes usable by many different gps manufacturers and for Google Earth. In making a route for Garmin, it can only handle a few mandatory stops. Kurviger has been updated to change mandated stops to fixed shaping point which is very helpful in making a route that will actually load error free into a Garmin GPS. The problem comes when I save the route and must revisit the route to make changes. The route loads back into Kurviger but all the fixed shaping point are now converted back to fixed hard stops. This means I have to go through all of these and reassign again to fixed shaping points with the added chance that a flag gets moved causing an unintentional u-turn or a stop that intentionally takes you off of the road is now moved back to the road trying to force point back to the road.

Is there any way that re-loading the route into Kurviger can keep the fixed shaping points instead of being converted to fixed hard stops? This change would be very helpful in using the software.

By the way, the ability to save the route in KML format is extremely helpful. I can save my intended route in this format and bring up in , switch to satellite view and inspect the road surfaces along my route to eliminate the gravel roads. This is a stellar feature! It would be made even better if each time I open the route for fixing these roads I wasn’t faced with the re-assigning the hard points back to shaping points.

Shaping points in GPX files are not implemented yet.

The easy way out: I always use the .kurviger format as my working file - but I also navigate exclusively with kurvigerPRO.
All changes are done in this working file, only at the very end for the final version I export the .gpx format for the Garmin guys.

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