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Send to Scenic problem

I have kurviger Pro installed and run it under Chrome. I have planned and saved some routes there. When I try to export or share or send to Scenic I receive the message that it has been sent to Ipad/Iphone, but can*t find it in Scenic app import queue or anywhere else on ipad /iphone).
In FAQ it sounds easy but I am failing continuously …
example: https://kurv.gr/DB7Fu

Has anyone an idea what`s wrong

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Hmmm - that’s not possible: “Kurviger Pro” is the Android App (no browser used) - perhaps you mean “Kurviger Tourer” = additional functions on website Kurviger.de?

Did you read the docu?


Maybe you could double check with the Scenic support? I am not sure why this might fail for your case.

Hi Richie01!

Same here… Earlier times (one yr. ago or so) never had that problem before. Did you fix it or got a workaround for me?