See all routes in one folder at once

Hey there, I am using kurviger for quite some time and although I didn’t really liked it at the beginning the last changes that were made transformed this to my favorite site for planning trips.
Currently I am planning a multi-day trip and I have the single routes saved in one specific folder. Now I would love to see the routes of the whole folder at once. Currently you can only see one selected route at once.
If this implementation could be integrated it would be extremely beneficial.
Thanks for your services and have a great day everyone.


Nice suggestion.

But perhaps it could be more individual. Here i think at excel or libreoffice calc. There e.g. for rows you can set (auto-) filters. There in the filter is a checkbox for each listed item. Above or below the individual checkboxes is a general checkbox to select “All”.
In the picture an extract of the filter screenshot from LibreOffice Calc:

Perhaps a similar solution is possible in the Kurviger route folders :wink:.

In a folder are possible up to 200 routes (when i remember correct).

Would be nice to see several (may be limited to a special number instead of all) routes or tracks at once.

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes something like this is planned. Maybe not for all routes in a folder, as there easily might be 50 routes or more, which could considerably slow down the website, but maybe to show the overlay for selected routes? Maybe as suggested by @WalterG above or maybe as a button next to the route, to show or hide the overlay of one route?

An overlay would be good enough at first. I know that there might be too many routes, but even if you could only activate 10, it would be perfect.

Additionally or alternatively it may be possible to merge routes? But this, however is definitely another topic.

Thanks for considering the possibilities for seeing all routes. I love Kurviger and can’t wait for the next season already! Saty safe everybody.

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Yes, that’s a good point. You can import GPX files and extend them to the current route, maybe something like this would make sense for the Kurviger cloud as well.

GPX files provide only the coordinates, so a route extension is expected.

Kurviger routes contain coordinates and many other parameters, like route profile, avoid options, etc.

Merging Kurviger routes is not straightforward, unless use 1st or 2nd route options everywhere.
In that case the merge / extend result will not be as expected.

Extending routes in the Kurviger Cloud has just been enabled. when you click on “Extend current route” the cloud route will be added / extended to your current route. This works similarly to importing files.

This is a great idea/feature - I have an issue (or at least a question) with it, though…

When loading a second route and thus extending a first route, the first route is changed. See screenshots as example:

The two routes are these:
SLO1 - Kurviger
SLO2 - Kurviger

The question now is: is this behaviour caused by the slightly different route options regarding smallest roads?

If yes, does that mean that the route options of the very last “appended” route are taken over for all other previously loaded single routes, too?

Additionally I’d like to see the possibility to quickly “unappend” routes again. Is this somehow easily possible, or could this be added, if not?


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Ah yes indeed, right now the route setting of the last cloud route is used. We could also keep the original route settings, I wasn’t sure which option would be preferred by most users. Having mixed options is not possible right now.

You could try the browser back button, this should usually work :slight_smile:.

What a pity (but understandable)…

I think there is no “better” option whether to keep the first route’s settings or use the ones from the appending route. Would there be the possibility to check if they differ, and ask the user which settings he wants to apply when appending?

Yeah but this only works if you would “unappend” right away, without making any changes.

Imagine the first route going from A to B.
Then one has planned two optional routes going from B to C.

It would be great if one could first append the first option B>C to the first route, then append the second option B>C right after it and switch between these possibilities easily.

I thought about something like a list of merged routes with checkboxes, where one could (de)select which routes to load to the map. Would something like this be feasible?

And: is there a limit of “appendable” routes?
Or could all routes of the same folder be merged if needed?

I think the first route should be maintained as it has been drawn, this route is supposed to be well thought out and worked out.

And add the second route with the features of the current configuration.

It’s my opinion :wink:

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That is currently not possible. There is no concept of multiple loaded routes right now. For now I think this would make things more complicated and I’d like to avoid that.

This is an interesting thought as well.

Right now it works similar to when importing a .kurviger file. The route settings of the second Kurviger file/Cloud route is used.

So if we think about changing this, that should change also for Kurviger files to stay consistent.

Something that could be done as well, which works for the curvy settings, but not for the avoidances would be to set the curvature settings of the second route between waypoints. That would only work for Kurviger tourers and would make changing this more complicated (as you would have to change this multiple times).