Searching for the full user guide

Hi, I am new to Kurviger (Pro) and I like it a lot.
What I am missing is a user guide that explains all the menu items and screen buttons. A few lines on each menu option, what it does and why.
For example, I have no idea what the voice guidance output settings actually do?
I have found the 'knowledge base" 'getting started" and FAQ. Using the search button just gives a lot of scattered info.

I suppose I could just trial end error a lot until I know what it all does. But it would be nice if you could just read the full user guide. Does it exist?

Regards, KaleK

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Besides Kurviger Wiki, there isn’t a manual to explain every single button / function for app & website.

That’s a huge task and there are community efforts in that direction with some working documentation:

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OK thanks, I’ll just keep playing with it and discover.
Thanks K

See also the newly added Terms and Definitions about Kurviger which contains much info.

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