Search often finds far away places over near ones

I am. in Singapore (currently actually in Johor, Malaysia)

I was looking for a regional dirt bike place

When I entered 'dirt bike’s the first locations found are in the Philippines. Only if I ask for ‘Dirt Bike johor’ does it find the Ulu Choh dirt bike park (which is several thousand km nearer to my current or home locations)


Why can it not by default find local places first if they match?

Case 2. I’m still in Johor. Looking for ‘Middle Road’ in Singapore. Searching for ‘middle’ (likely) correctly finds a location in Johor with the word ‘middle’ in its name. But the next fund’s are in Australia and Germany.

Similar results come in website too, app+website use the same search engine.

Note: in app the search results are sorted based on distance from map center.

Search relevance is a really really really tricky problem in software development, we’re fighting with this in our app at my work ourselves as well at the moment. I agree that kurviger could be improved here (and it’s great that you add examples which makes development easier!) but i don’t think big improvements will come easy. Depends what the devs prioritise…

That i doubt. as clearly being in Johor, Malaysia it should not have seen a Philippines results (or more) first.

I have another two examples:

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That’s how the application creates the search requests, with location bias.

Afterwards how responses are created, depends on the server algorithms.

Agree. I use kurviger pro. Search adress reall bad problem… :frowning:

Wenn Du Hilfe erwartest, solltest Du das Problem konkret und möglichst Detailreich beschreiben…
If you expect help, you should describe the problem concretely and as detailed as possible…

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