Search not find UK all postcodes

I’m using the free version, but one of the things that is stopping me from buying the pro version os the poor support for searching UK postcodes.

if I enter my home postcode, the location is successfully found but if I enter my works postcode, not only is my works postcode now found, I’m given a Heathrow Terminal 5B as a result, my works postcode does have a 5 and a B in it, but that’s all!

Every other GPS trap planning app I’ve used has correctly supported UK postcodes…

I forgot to add that the web version is the same as the Android version.

Kurviger Pro offers an option to switch to a different address lookup provider which supports better the postcodes:

Settings | Routing | Address lookup provider

OK, so I purchased the pro version and the options are: Default or OpenCageData

Neither of these options work correctly :frowning:

Applied for a refund, not happy.

Thanks for the feedback. That’s weird, opencagedata should work well with UK postcodes. Thanks for letting us know.

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