Search Issue when using search again

when I use the search button a second time, the last search result is displayed in the search field, but I can’t use it for anything, there is no navigation arrow icon to open the navigation options (Set as start…), nor the destination will be displayed on the map when i tap on it. Its kind of inactive. After I delete the last (or any) charakter of the destination, the suggestion list opens again.

I 'd wish either the navigation arrow icon or suggestion list opened at once, or, even better, a list with the last 10 or 5 destination from the search history.
I have this on Oneplus 3 and Galaxy Active Tab with Google keybord and kurviger pro. Maybe there are helpful keybord settings or anything? Thanks for your tips!

This is currently not possible.

It would be better whenever the search field opens to be empty,
so that users can immediately write their search without delete.

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Thanks for the answer, and what a pity, so “empty” is an option
sc JL