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Screensaver turning off automatically before dangerous curves

I have another suggestion for the screensaver mode. The mode works very well. However, I would appreciate it if the screen would also turn on again when a dangerous curve is approaching, e.g. at an angle greater than 70 or 75. The question of what is a dangerous curve is probably relative. So it wouldn’t be bad if this was a user-definable field that you could experiment with to find the right setting for yourself. I would guess anything greater than 75 degrees could be potentially dangerous at appropriate speeds, and then it would be nice if the screen turned back on 200 to 300 meters before that. When such a curve is imminent can surely be determined in some way, right?

This is surely a matter of taste and I will leave people to request any features they want, but I will quickly give my personal opinion on whether I need this or not:

I strongly disagree with such a functionality, relying on the display for curves in foreign territory is super dangerous and drives me (personally!) to drive tougher lines than I should (staying outside till I see the exit etc.) which is why I have started to turn off my TomTom display when the road becomes curvy.

There are too many variables here that the user would want to tune, too many edge cases where it would turn on too often or not often enough. And that’s even before factoring in road surface and traffic. I think this isn’t worth the effort and the risk of over-assuring the driver

People often overestimate how costly a track day is, I can really recommend going on a closed circuit every once in a while to drive super steep corners that you already know, it’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:


I think it’s difficult anyway, because I don’t think the curve data is available in OSM at all.
I prefer to look at the road and try to read it. A quick tip: always follow the flow of the centre line, if available.


Seems to wish a autonomous driving vehicle? Then no view to the road is necessary :wink:.

It is not simple, it requires advanced calculations.
“Dangerous turn” can have many interpretations.

And the turn instructions (e.g. sharp turns) are calculated by the routing services,
which know the road network.

Navigation works with the calculated route.