Screen saver?


In Kurviger 3, I see no more parameter related to navigation screen saver.

Same in the docs/discussions, they all refer to the previous version.
Is it gone ?



edit: by ‘screensaver’ I mean to turn off the display while navigating until we get 2km from next turn.

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Hello Patrick,
I don’t know exactly what you mean by the screensaver, but K3 had to be redeveloped because the previous versions could not be developed further.
The new version should be much leaner and easier to use, but there will still be many new features. This will take time as it is a very small development team.

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Hello Hampic,

Thx for the reply. No need to convince me, I am a long time user and a ‘tourer+’ :wink:

By ‘screensaver’ I mean that, during navigation, the screen turns off until we get close to the next turn (like Scenic does).
No need to have the display on and use battery if the next turn is in 20km.


I whish this Feature back too! It will save power and its good for any OLED Screen!



that’s why I’m using another app for navigation now, even I have still a tourer+ abo at this time.

This worked pretty well in the K2 version. Don’t see, why it’s not implemented in the recent version as well, since it was requested here multiple times already.