Scenic: Kurviger keeps suggesting short cuts

planned route:

I use scenic app for actual navigation. Between Röblitz and Aue am Berg I kept getting suggestions for short cuts. I had to stop several times to zoom out to get an overview. Furthermore, the indicated drive time seemed to be calculated via the short cuts. It sucks!

At least the short cuts should be marked by color or dots to distinguish them from the planned route.

Is this caused by kurviger or do I have to complain at scenic?

I can’t see any short cuts in the route you shared. So I guess this is an issue with Scenic. If you can’t see the issue happening on Kurviger, it’s probably Scenic.

OK, thought so. Will see what scenic has to say.

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Scenic checked, but does not have a real explanation. Scenic 3 is coming up and may solve the unknown bug.

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