Saving Bookmarks on my Desktop PC

I am trying to save bookmarks on my desktop PC. Is this possible? If so how do I do it.
I can save bookmarks on my phone.

If mean to backup the app bookmarks, then can export them and then transfer the backup on pc.

Website does not have explicit bookmarks, but works with the bookmarks that all browsers have.
And each browser has specific workflows for export its bookmarks.

By the way there are also some details in documentation.

Sorry I should have been clearer.

I am developing a bucket list of places that I want to visit.

With the app I use bookmarks. What i the equivelant when using a pc?

I hope that this is clearer.

Currently, the website does not offer a similar feature, it’s on our todo list though. If you have a list of bookmarks in the app already, you can export it as gpx and import it as overlay on the website.

Nice to read that it is in the todo list. Import and Export of bookmarks i*m missing in the web version, too. I would like a similar workflow as in the app.

I have exported some preferred Hotels in a file in bookmark format (e.g. hotels_pref.bookmark).

  1. Is it possible to make a copy of this file and exchange the bookmark extension to gpx extension (e.g. hotels_pref.gpx) and then import this in the website?
  2. Or i have to import the file hotels-pref.bookmark in the app and then to export in the app in gpx format as hotels-pref.gpx? Then this file import in the web as overlay?

That i should know to include it as a hint in the draft of the revised documentation. Thanks in advance.

The website can read GPX files, so can export the bookmarks from app in GPX format and then import them in website.

This is a feature that I’d like to see as well. For long trips I generally plan the trip on the website and then import into the app so not having the ability to create bookmarks makes it harder to plan.

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