Save route after creating

I have understood that routes may be saved with the “export” function, but how on earth do I find that saved file for import?
I have named the route and exported, but I cannot find it again, neither using the “search” function of my computer nor by choosing “import”.
So far, the one and only possibility I found was generating a QCR-code and saving this on my mobile, and here comes my second question:
How do I find that QCR again (except from my mobile QCR, guessing by the date I crated the route)
and is there any possibility to properly name the QCR (or rename), just to make identification easier?
And yes, I have filed in every name field offered by the siystem prior to sharing/exporting …


The saving of the file is handled by your browser. Which browser did you use? I am using firefox.
The default folder for downloaded files is often “downloads”.
This can be changed in the “settings” of your browser.

On the mobile you should export your route (preferable as *.kurviger) and give it a meaningful name.


Google Chrome :slight_smile:

and yes, thanks, found it. Now I am asked for an app to open the file (GPX).

  1. Is it not possible to open the file with kurvige-de again?
  2. Do I have to install the kurviger App on my computer?
    … saved with NAME.kurviger, how do I open it now on my computer?

Need a step-by-step instruction for Dummies

Of course it is possible to import the file again with

select your file

The App is only for Android, on the computer you use your browser e.g. chrome.

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Finally there. thanks.