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Samsung: App popup improvement

Hallo devemux86,
Wenn ich in der App mehrere Punkte verschieben möchte, stört das kleine Info Popup. Dies liegt genau über den Buttons.
Hier muß imer darauf gewartet werde das dieses Popup wieder verschwindet. Kann das Popup eventuell an deas ober Bildschirmende verlegt werden ?
Hello devemux86,
When I want to move several points in the app, the small info popup is annoying. This is just above the buttons.
I always have to wait for this popup to disappear. Can the popup be moved to the top of the screen?

Toast location is another thing that Google has removed for apps targetting Android 11…

Please write your posts in the appropriate forum categories. :slightly_smiling_face:

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But the automatic toast can be removed if it bothers most users?

Route info is always available when you tap the route and in instructions list.

For me, the toast is very interesting.
I compared the behaviour of the toast:
Android 7.0 visible approx. 4 seconds (too short)
Android 11 visible approx. 13 seconds (better)
Instead, move the buttons to another place ?

Which is true?

The automatic toast can be removed and show it only when tap the route.

No, unless your OEM changes / breaks the Android code.

All toasts appear for about 3 seconds.

both is true :wink:
as long as I can press the buttons.
May option can be: Show toast only - if no other funktion is select like “Move To” in German “Verschieben”
or switch off the toast when the two buttons become visible.
Just read your next message about the 3 sec. I am using in the moment Samsung A71 Android 11.
the toast is showing more than 13 sec.
However if something is possible nice, if not i will survive :wink:

It is difficult to believe this.
Unless you change or tap the route several times and see a lot of continuous toasts.
When you tap the route 1 time, the toast really shows up for so long?!

I have found the solution.
In the Samsung settings it is possible to change these pop-up times. Back to default and everything is back to 3 sec. as you wrote.
Sorry for the disturbance

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Thanks for the info.

So some OEMs even change this in Android code…
(like the forced dark mode from another OEM)

And developers have to spend time investigating OEM changes,
instead of implementing new features for the apps.

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I may have changed the setting myself in the past to try something else,
and then forgotten about it.
I owe you a pint