Routing when online again

Hello together,
my first topic here, therefore I hope category and tags fit.
If I want a new route calculated by the app it works only if I’m online - clear so far. In case I’m in an offline region my workearound is to set a target on the map and start to drive with long pressing the location butten in the direction I want to ride in general. Than I hope that the route calculation will be stared automatically as soon as I get an internet connection. But that doesn’t work. If I get a connection I have to stop, delete the target, set it once again and imediatly the route is calculated.
My questuion is now: Do I have a wrong setting in the menue of the app or in my smartphone (I’m using a CAT S41)? Is an automatic calculation, as soon the smartphone is online again, in general not possible due to limited or restricted communication posibilitys between the app and the smartphone?
It’s not a big topic and no need to waste time on such a function cause It’s completly unnecessary a soon as offline route calculation will be possible.
I only ask wether someone has a hint for a better tool setting.
Thanks in advance

Hi Frank,

“Routing” category is more for discussing the calculated route results, but no problem we can change topic categories anytime. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding your question is it for Kurviger Pro in navigation mode?

In navigation if have the rerouting enabled, then if there is no internet, it will retry until find a connection and can calculate a route.

Yes, sorry for not mentioning that, the questuion is regarding the Kurviger Pro App 1.2.1. And in navigation settings I have the rerouting al the time enabled. Probably I m only too impatient :wink:

By the way, I have just seen this discussion: Force a rerouting during navigation
That new button in case of being off the route discussed there might be a help in this case too.

Navigation can’t be started if there is no route. (V1.2.1)
Maybe this is related to navigation-cant-be-started-even-with-set-destination


Navigation requires the absolute essentials to work properly: user location and a route. :slightly_smiling_face:

Uups, Manfred you are right. Sorry that I heaven’t seen that topic. It’s exactly the same problem.
Thanks Frank

Nice to know that others have the same issue as I do. :slightly_smiling_face: