Routing problems in Livorno Port, Italy

when using the website to create a route from Livorno ferry port (43.553334,10.300656) to Brixen (46.719148,11.650824), it calculates a route from Livorno to Bastia (Korsika), then to Calvi (Korsika), then to Genua containing two ferries, although routing options are set to prevent using ferries!

When I set the route start a few kilometers away from the ferry port (43.558415,10.306571, away from the coast line to the inner land), everything is OK, then the route is only on land.

Is that a bug inside the openstreetmaps map?

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

Yes it seems like some gates missed access tags. I corrected the data and the route should work by next weekend. If not, please let us know again :slight_smile:.

More details about issues during the routing, can be found here.