Routing Problem in Wangen/Lachen CH

Probably due to recent change there is a routing error shown in the following screen:

To drive by car from 47.19694, 8.86887 to 47.19178, 8.88332 you’ll have to use the road named “Hämmerli” to get to Zürcherstrasse as Aulenstrasse is a one-way - see Photo. I’ve attempted to modify Aulenstrasse to be one-way and extended Hämmerli to join Aulenstrasse (this probably was not a driveable route until recently) but routing stubbornly sticks to the path no longer valid as shown in above link. Any experts know why?

There was an error duplicate of Aulenstrasse.
I removed it, split Aulenstrasse at junction to Hämmerli and set south part of Aulenstrasse to oneway.
Should work properly in Kurviger in a few days …

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thanks much! obviously I’m a newbie when it comes to OSM edits. did I inadvertedly create that duplicate?

As far as I can see an OSM user named bikernzrh did it :wink: , I assume it was inadvertedly:

Was a little bit tricky, because the duplicate covered the south part of the original road and showed the one way arrows on the road.
For me it was the easiest way to remove the duplicate and split the original - so it was not necessary to check the connections.

ok thanks, so I learned something :sunglasses:
when would you expect the edits to show in the route? not yet familiar with how replication in OSM works. the route is currently still wrong - see screenshot

Ich weiss nicht, wie lange OSM / Graphhopper braucht, Kurviger braucht typischerweise ein paar Tage.

Ich habe gelesen Routing-Daten bei Graphhopper 1-4 Tage, der Rest ca. 1 Woche - und ich das richtig verstanden habe :thinking:

ok danke, dann brauchts einfach noch etwas Geduld :wink:

Kurviger erkennt die Str. korrekt als Einbahnstr.:

Super, danke für den Hinweis. Dann ging das ja doch nur 3 Tage