Routing problem barrier=lift_gate and access=yes

Hallo to everyone!

I’m planning my next motorcycle holidays in Italy, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe it will be not possible to travel into the European North, as I originally wanted to do.

During planning I found following problem with the routing:

I created a route for the Barricata street, but the routing stops at a specific point. So I looked up in OpenStreetMaps and found out, that at this point exist a barrier with following characteristics


According to the FAQ’s “here was an issue during the route calculation or navigation, what can I do about it?” paragraph “Barriers” … Kurviger can access a barrier, like a gate or a lift_gate if you add access=yes, … the routing should work properly. is a great tool for planning and I enjoy to work with, maybe I’m not cleverly enough to consider all the tricks that are necessary to solve the issue.
So please apologise my beginner mistake and please help me to solve the problem, because I have no idea what’s the reason for the not working routing.

Thanks a lot

Test Barricata street.gpx (4.3 KB)

Hallo zusammen!

Aufgrund der COVID-19-Pandemie plane ich meinen nächsten Motorradurlaub in Italien. Da ich befürchte, dass es nicht möglich sein wird, in den europäischen Norden zu reisen, wie ich es ursprünglich wollte.

Während der Planung habe ich folgendes Problem mit dem Routing festgestellt:

Ich habe eine Route für die Barricata-Straße erstellt, aber die Route endet an einem bestimmten Punkt. Also habe ich in OpenStreetMaps nachgeschaut und festgestellt, dass es an dieser Stelle eine Schranke mit folgenden Merkmalen gibt:


Laut den FAQ’s Thema „Die Routenberechnung verhält sich komisch bzw. fehlerhaft. Was kann ich tun?“ Absatz „Barrieren“… Kurviger fährt durch Barrieren wie z.B. gate oder lift_gate, falls das Tag access=yes vorhanden ist,… müsste das Routing funktionieren. ist ein großartiges Planungswerkzeug und ich arbeite gerne damit. Vielleicht bin ich nicht schlau genug, um alle Tricks zu berücksichtigen, die zur Lösung des Problems erforderlich sind.
Bitte entschuldigt einen eventuellen Anfängerfehler und helft mir trotzdem das Problem zu lösen oder zu verstehen, da ich keine Ahnung habe, warum das Routing nicht funktioniert.

Schon mal vielen Dank

Just wait, until Kurviger has updated its database.
Your edit is 2021-03-02 17:40
Kurviger database is 2021-03-02 12:00

I think updates are happening every 2-3 days (maybe even every day)

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Yes, usually updates happen daily. So the routing is usually 1-2 days behind the OSM database. That said, sometimes updates are slowed down, but daily is what we can currently offer.

Thanks for your friendly support!

I have tested the routing today early in the morning, unfortunately with the same result
Update has been run before

Is the only solution to delete the lift gate? As I drove 2 Years ago I could not see an lift gate.
Maybe I did not realize it during my ride.

I tried to find some actual videos on YouTube. In those what I found I could not saw a lift gate,
but there was no video over the full length of the road.

Any Idea?

THX Peter
Barricata routing error

It appears that the routing data is still at 2021-03-02, I would recommend to give this another try in a few hours.

Oh - I interpreted the date in the wrong way.
I thought, that is the Date when the Database has been updated.

So i will wait in peace - no hurry.

Routing: 2021-03-03T12:00:00Z :wink:

There seems to be another one barrier:

What the hell! The road of senseless lift gates.
The whole people of northerly part of the brenta valley use this street to access the Sette Comuni from north

It’s a really beautiful road with breath taking viewpoints, especially in the rock face area

So I must do some recherché again …

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