Routing problem at Yssingeaux

The route

is crazy - seems to be the N88.
I think it is a GraphHopper bug: If you plan that route on OSM with router Auto(OSRM), it works:

But using Auto(GraphHopper) it is also a problem:

Thanks for finding this. There was a turn restriction in OSM that seem to have collided with the construction road that was added there recently. I removed the restriction and should be working again in a few days.

OSRM does not consider turn restrictions.

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Thanks a lot - I did not consider turn restrictions :frowning: .

I have to admit that I spent > 1h to investigate it, but failed and desperated - next time I will check for turn restrictions (I am quite sure :wink:)

Good to know!


You are right (as expected :slight_smile: ): Now the routing works fine :+1:

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