Routing issue with option "strict navigation"

yesterday I had quite some problems with the strict navigation. I have no screenshots and try to explain it in words.

It happened especially after breaks that even if I drove into the planned direction it showed as if I would drive into the wrong direction (the opposite direction as driven), but there was no voice guidance, just the arrow on the top left showed into the other direction, but I was sure to drive into the correct planned direction.

The only explanation that I have for this is that Kurver “didn’t remember” the already visited waypoints and wanted to route to the beginning of the tour. Can it be that when Kurviger is put to the background because using other apps for information or pause for several minutes or even half an hour, then the knowledge of already visited waypoints gets lost and it starts again with wp1?

Don’t know if this is done or could be a help: is the actual route including already visited waypoint saved as a temporary route on the local device and when closing and reopening Kurviger, this temporary route could be automatically restored?

It happened various times on a 450km roundtrip. Additionally I had the problem when deleting waypoints manually that I had already visited, the internet connection was bad and it “took ages” to fallback to brouter offline routing.

Generally speaking: with strict navigation and the “knowledge” which wp’s have already been visited I would expect a voice guidance telling me to return if I take the wrong direction to get for example from wp5 to wp6. This doesn’t happen.

Let’s remember first how strict navigation is meant to work:

“Navigate along the route without shortcuts, i.e. follow the route strictly from one waypoint to another. When go off route, the rerouting tries to resume to the last omitted waypoint.”

When (re)start navigation after 1st via point, strict mode considers off route situation and “rerouting tries to resume to the last omitted waypoint”.

If want more flexibility on strict navigation there is a discussion for pause / resume navigation:
(or use a flexible mode like “Next waypoint” to exit / resume navigation anywhere)

If this is connected to Pause/resume navigation, then yes, it is absolutely necessary to have this option, because it seems to unexpectedly happen that route is restarted.

Is the resume navigation then also available when the app is closed completely and opened again and does it then mean that the temporary saved route is restored and even knows which wps have already been visited?

Nothing unexpected, it’s like meant to work according to strict navigation standard.

Certainly not, pause / resume is for an active navigation.
When stop navigation or exit the app, all start over again.

But what I describe above happened without closing Kurviger. This is what I try to explain, it happen unexpectedly. Kurver did as if the app and route had been stopped, but it wasn’t stopped. It was only in the background. How can this otherwise been avoided that Kurviger “thinks” to calculate a new route if not with a pause and resume button which can also handle such behaviour which maybe comes from the Android device by power saving feature or whatever?

Cannot understand what you mean.

Did you stopped navigation or not?

No I didn’t. Kurviger was running all the time, we had several breaks for lunch and other short stops, but it happened 3-4 times that Kurviger seems to start the tour again from the beginning.

More important is if strict navigation was stopped or not.
Because strict expects to begin near start, not anywhere.

Can you post the route?
And where you exited the route and where you reenter it?

To see and understand that cannot skip waypoints automatically in strict mode,
i.e. exit before waypoints and enter after them, need to “pass them” in order.

what is meant by this? We were in the middle of a route and made pauses. To my feeling this strange behaviour happen after the pause

Unfortunately I don’t recall where it was in detail

Did you stopped navigation, i.e. pressed navigation button and started it again later or not?

Unfortunately without such details / samples we cannot understand / reproduce where you exited and resumed the route exactly, so to see if you skipped waypoints or something else happened.

Ok, now I understand. Yes I did this to switch from navigation into overview… I didn’t think that this stopps the actual route completely. I thought this can be used all the time to see the route as a whole as a orientation where I am.

If this is the reason why that happened, then I find that dangerous and not intuitive. Why then not handle the navigation button automatically as a pause and resume button when the option strict routing is enabled?

yes understand, but sorry, it was a tour with a lot of bikers behind me. I can send you the video how I cursed a bit around :slight_smile: … but I think this doesn’t really help

Strict navigation is already explained many times…
It expects to begin near start and pass waypoints in order.

With flexible navigation modes can exit / resume route anywhere.

No comment.

Because it’s already discussed elsewhere in forum?

And then I could remove strict navigation from the app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you also consider that people didn’t understand what you mean exactly in the other posting? You know what you have developed, but others maybe first have to collect some experience. Now I have a guess what is meant.

First let’s clarify if we mean the same. Is this the navigation button? If yes, then we mean the same

And i thought it would act as a switch between route overview mode and navigation mode analoguous to another app that you may know where this is exactly it. It switches between navigating mode and overview mode, but never stops the actual routing.

Ok you don’t want to comment my opinion. But it is my opinion that if the navigation button in Kurviger stops the route completly, I don’t find that intuitive. If you don’t like your users fair-minded feedback, why do I take the time and try to describe a problem?

I hope it was a joke, because if not, this would then be my last posting in this forum and I switch to another app. :slightly_frowning_face:

Everyone is free to use any application they wish.

Sure, everyone can take own decisions…

I hope you don’t want to claim for yourself your comment would be less sarcastic

That’s different, if it has not already been discussed elsewhere, please create a new topic describing how expect such function to work, so we can see if it’s possible to implement it.

ok fair I try to explain in a new request