Routing, interface for positioning and moving points has become ver unhandy

it is no longer possible to quickly move wayrponts using an s-pen on a tablet.
please make an option to get the old interface to do this while. aking a route.

Sorry - I don’t miss the old interface at all.

  1. long press on waypoint
  2. select “move”
  3. find the exact new position inclusive zoom-in possibility
  4. confirm

easily manageable with S-Pen or finger …


The old bubble mode has been removed to reduce maintenance effort, please see also Kurviger 1.14.14 - #17 by Munky and Crosshair placement or drag waypoints?.
A workaround might be using the Website (activation of “Show desktop mode” in browser makes it more readable - at least on my tablet).
But of course the Website has disadvantages on a tablet (no offline maps → more data transfer, working offline not possible).


in stead of just point a waypoint it and move it in one go,
now it must be selected first, then move, then press the ok button.
the old mode was much easier, now two more actions, i only see disadvantages, very unhandy.
please merge the code back and make it an application option.

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For me usibg a peb the old interface was accurate enough, no problem with that on a tablet wit pen.

But even with a pen

  • You can’t zoom in and zoom out before dropping the waypoint on its place.
  • You can’t move the map to the next position to put the waypoint on it.

Both can easily be done with the new crosshair mode.


Please try moving 10 via’s using the new and old method.
You will see what I mean. The old method is way better and more than accurate enough on a tablet with s-pen. Please make it an option.

In addition, there was no waypoint menu with the old mode.

All of these must first be implemented before considering it usable again.

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