[Routing] Improved Fastest Profile / Verbesserung bei der schnellsten Route

Today we updated the fastest route calculation. With the update the amount of minor roads that are included with the fastest route is reduced and the routes are better following main roads and motorways.

With this change, most of the reported routes here in the forum that contained suboptimal routes are fixed or drastically improved. That said, please give it a good test, if you find that an existing route is worse, please let us know. There might be still some things we can fine tune.

Please note: there has been no change to the different curvy routes.

Heute haben wir die Berechnung der schnellsten Route angepasst. Mit dem Update werden Hauptstraßen und Autobahnen stärker in die Planung einbezogen und ein Abfahren von diesen Straßen wird vermieden.

Im Forum gab es einige Berichte zu problematischen Routen bei Verwendung der schnellsten Route. Durch diese Änderung wurden diese Probleme entweder komplett behoben oder stark verbessert. Falls euch bei bestehenden Routen eine negative Änderung auffällt, gebt bitte Bescheid. Es kann sein, dass wir ein paar Details noch weiter optimieren können.

Bitte beachtet: Bei den kurvigen Routen hat sich keine Ă„nderung ergeben.


Is this supposed to be fixed with the latest change?

If yes - it isn’t. :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking into this. That is actually one example that got improved, it was worse before. I still have ideas to improve the remaining issue.

Thanks a lot - the planned route through Munich has been improved a lot :+1: Kurviger
Before I had to put several shaping points to prevent Kurviger taking several exits of B2R just to enter B2R again

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The example in Poland I posted right under your example in that thread is fixed, but yeah, your link is still weird. Maybe we should check if that street is even continuous in OSM

Indeed, this one is really weird.

In OSM it is even a single way segment

The OSM data is correct in this case, this is really a Kurviger issue. I do have plans to improve this case as well, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Quick update: there has been another minor improvement for the fastest route which can further improve some cases, but nothing major :slight_smile:.

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Here is still a strange one:

The situation in OSM is that the Strada Statale delle Dolomiti (highway=primary) has a speed limit of 50 km/h (which I can confirm from my GPS recording) and the nameless tertiary highway hasn’t (I don’t know if this is true or not).
But in reality taking two left turns from and back to a primary highway is most likely slower than just staying 50 meters on the 50 km/h highway, right?

Thanks for reporting this issue, I will add this to my list of examples and see if this can be fixed :slight_smile: