Routing Feedback

I bought the pro app and drove my first 250km in two circle tours. I want to give you my initial feedback on my experience with problems on the routing I had so far. But don’t get me wrong here, I really like the app and what you are doing here :).

  1. There have been quite a few “mini” bypasses to prevent larger streets (according to my configuration). However, it completely destroys my flow of driving when I have to switch streets after 100m again, especially when I am just switching to the previous street :(. Switching a street should only happen when you are using this street for reasonable (configurable?) distance.

  2. Please, always try to get out of a city as fast as possible. There is zero sense in having a “curvy” route within a city, it just doesn’t make any fun at all. Especially in Munich, where I live ;). Cities should just be considered a “get me outta here” area (maybe to a configurable degree?), even when you request very curvy routes.

  3. I don’t get why there needs to be an internet connection for generating a new route or aligning it. But that is alreay mentioned a lot in other threads I guess.

  4. IMHO the length of a route selection is too short (on average ca. 3km), but that could also be just by accident for the area where I live.

I really liked the tours so far despite those problems and will definetely provide more feedback as I will use kurviger for my tour to Ukraine starting Saturday.


Thanks for the feedback.

This is a known limitation of avoid main roads. This has been discussed for example here (in German): Problem mit Micro-Umleitungen im Ort

In a nutshell: the routing does not know a lot of context of the route, so it’s not possible to only allow long detours. A computer doesn’t understand that something is a detour.

In my experience more than 50% of the detours are due to data issues, so it’s always worthwhile to see what the data looks like and improve it if there are issues. Also see our documentation here.

This is already the expected behavior where possible. For these discussions it would be great to provide a short example and discussing this example. I just did a couple tests in Munich and the routes looked not too bad IMHO.

Because the route calculation is done on the server and not the device, see this topic: Offline routing

Are you talking about auto generated round trips? This is the expected behavior, the length is only an approximation.

In my case there were two large streets crossing and kurviger guided me 100m before the crossing through a byroad which again after 200m ended in the street which I was crossing before anyway. That’s no drama, but kind of annoying.

That might be also true in my case, the byroad did actually NOT allow me to turn left on the crossing street as pictured by kurviger.

Just have a look at routes from Munich-Feldmoching to Feldkirchen-Westham and toggle between “fast and curvy” and “curvy”. The route withing the city changes quite … heavily: LINK

Yea, I went through the github stuff you are using and it looks like you are waiting for a graphhopper Android port (which is already … done/experimental?).

The trips were auto generated but what I mean is that street selections (durchgängige Strassen auf der Tour) were quite short. But again, that might be just by accident.

Then this is most probably a data issue. Would you be interested in improving the data? If yes, could you open a new topic for this, showing route where this happens and showing the issue. I would be happy to provide a couple of pointers and hints to improve the data.

Ah I see. This seems to be a bit of an edge case, if you move the start ~100m a different route is chosen. In your sample all routes except for the curvy one look good to me. Munich is avoided, which is exactly what I would want on a motorcycle. Also it should be noted, that Kurviger does not use traffic data, which is usually not an issue (since Kurviger avoids cities), but if you navigate through cities you might find Kurviger is taking unwise choices if you know the local traffic.

GraphHopper works on Android, that’s not the problem. Just on a side note, I am a GraphHopper core contributor.

Sorry, I cannot follow you here?

I opened a new topic on that street with the data issue.

Well, that edge case with feldmoching is quite nasty :stuck_out_tongue:. But good to know, then I’ll try to start my tour on kurviger slightly out of the city when I see something like this.

And regarding the last question: Meine generierten Rundtouren waren bis jetzt immer eine “Kette” von Strassenabschnitten, die jeweils so um die 3km lang waren. Das ist für meinen Geschmack einfach ein bischen zu kurz, da ist man ja ständig am abbiegen. Aber wie gesagt, alles Geschmackssache und vielleicht nur Zufall bei mir.

Yes, we recommend to generate roundtrips from the edge of the city. This usually leads to better results (if you live in a large city like Munich).

Also, generated roundtrips can be changed. You can move the waypoints or add another one. Kurviger does not claim that the generated roundtrips would be perfect, and they are not meant to be perfect. It’s just a proposal, that usually needs a bit of fine tuning.

Ah, now I understand the issue. This really depends on your area and the chosen routing profile. But yes, this can happen.

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